Big-nippled HORNY HOUSEWIVES make the ultimate copulates

Big-nippled MILFS make the almost any wondrous fucks

Having seen her 1st hardcore pictures and gotten to know her better with an interview, Annellise Croft has full-on, blow-job and cock-fucking sex on-video for the 1st time.

“I like the idea of being a model and having sex on-camera. It turns me on to know I’m being watched,” said this 49-year-old divorcee who was born in England and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

We’re definitely watching her. We’re watching her DDD-cup milk shakes and lengthy, stiff nips. We’re watching how passionately this babe treats a knob.

Banging for our cameras inspired her.

“Truthfully, I haven’t been having sex much lately. It is been seven months. But when I leave here, I gonna have a lot more sex because having sex in your studio made me feel like I urge it a lot. I am relishing every bit of being here.

And we’re enjoying every bit of having her. Enjoy Annellise.

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Schlong Drainer #1

Cock Drainer #1

This Czech dish paved the way for hundreds of beauties following in her footsteps in porn. Yet very little is known about Zuzanna or her background. Interviews were impossible to arrange and she rarely communicated with porn journalists and editors or self-promoted herself. (Filming all over Europe, she used a variety of other names which adds to the mystery. Too adding to the confusion is the three dozen other Czech porn gals all using the singular name Zuzanna! So look for the tattoo of a spider on her right booty cheek for this Zuzanna.)

The blonde sexbomb has over a dozen SCORE and Voluptuous mag credits to her name and has featured in three DVDs since the early ’00s. At this point in time, presumed retired from video-making, Zuzanna’s considered a European big-tit porn legend who did the wildest ultra-hardcore act. That babe generally looked adore the girl-next-door with minimal make-up and liked to costume in carefree, taut, pink tops and denim shorts or mini-skirts and high heels, not high-glamour attractive garments.

In this scene from SCORE Shlong Drainers, raw sex is the reveal. No plot, no story, no theme, no set-up. Zuzanna blows unfathomable, gets fucked in her vagina and anal opening, takes the spurting strapon new without her ass into her face hole and swallows all the cum. It is simple to see why Zuzanna was a mega-star in her time and an influence on many gals who were inspired by her antics.

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Cara screwing at It’s destiny

Cara rogering at It's destiny

One time upon a time, a female named Cara was allies with a woman named Sally. They were the one and the other biker chicks–meaning they and their husbands liked to ride motorcycles–and they met throughout a web resource where bikers found other bikers to ride with.

“My partner and I live in Texas, but we come over this way each one time in a whilst on vacation,” Cara said, “this way” meaning South Florida. That is where Sally and Cara and their husbands would go riding.

Well, in addition to being bikers, Sally and Cara were likewise swingers, but Sally did not know that Cara was a swinger and Cara did not know that Sally was a swinger. And what Cara truly didn’t know–and Sally took pains to keep secret–was that Sally had sucked and drilled on-camera for and

U watch, Sally is Sally D’Angelo. MILF/GILF extraordinaire. Wife who loves to bonk dudes while her boyfriend watches. But how was Sally to know that Cara’s boyfriend also enjoyed watching his wife having sex with other males? Sally and Cara were biker allies, and that was that. Until one day…

Sally told Cara that she was a swinger.

And Cara told, “So am I.”

And Sally said Cara, “I’ve had sex on-camera.”

And Cara told, “That’s marvelous!”

And Sally was relieved coz that babe thought Cara might think badly of her.

And Cara told, “No! I adore u even more!”

And Sally told, “You’d be ideal for”

So Sally and her spouse took test shots of Cara and sent them to And the editors of said, “This female is great! Bring her in.”

And that is how 60-year-old Cara Reid, a wife, Mamma and grandmother with a ideal, toned body and large, tan-lined mambos, ended up at

What are the odds?

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Getting To Know A Huge-titted, Hard-Nippled M.I.L.F.

Getting To Know A Gigantic boobed, Hard-Nippled MILF

In this movie interview, a prelude to her first clip fuck, 49-year-old apprentice Annellise Croft displays us her DDD-cup milk cans. She plays with her lengthy, rigid nipples. They’re among the longest and hardest we have ever seen. And then she plays with and fingers her pink muff. In between, that babe tells us all about herself. If u can focus on what she’s saying, you’ll learn a lot about Annellise. But we have a feeling you’ll be focused on these love muffins and that vagina.

How breasty is Annellise? Breasty enough that that babe is plan to make her SCORE mag initial appearance in numerous months.

“I love my marangos,” Annellise told. “I like showing them off.”

Annellise is 5’6″ and weighs about 144 pounds. She measures 36DDD-26-36. Incredible. She’s a Mom of one daughter and a grandmother of 3. She’s divorced. She works in beast shelters and has a hardly any rescue dogs. She’s been to a few married couples undress clubs but has not ever actually partaken in the action. And…

“I love to be bare. Everywhere.”

You are plan to love Annellise, gentlemen.

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Oiled Bazookas & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Titties & A Fire Crotch

Cameron Skye likes to greasy oil, sex cream and rub-down her greater than average milk cans. This invigorating hobby and personal care activity helps to keep them squishy, smooth and flexible. A tit-man could view a hotty adore Cameron do this for hours until his eyeballs glazed over. Breast massaging is likewise a healthy activity. It helps the circulatory system in many different ways and is even touted as a method of stimulating boob growth. So, Cameron, keep up the valuable work and keep rubbing.

Cameron talks about getting her knockers massaged in her hypnotic, sexy voice. That babe is a fan of visiting spas where she can get her juggs massaged (by a woman staff, in case you’re wondering.) This might be a valuable career to look into.

Cameron peels off her hot pink outfit and undies to display her freshly grown-in bush. Cameron calls her ginger woman pie a fire crotch. It took Cameron approximately 3 months to grow it out. This was done for all u fans of cunt beards who complain about shaven cuties.

“Nobody has hair anymore,” says giggly Cameron who was smooth and hairless her first time at SCORELAND. “Nobody has a fire crotch. Not even hair.” True enough. Shaven coochies are in these days.

Cameron flaunts how this babe takes care of her fire crotch. It’s love putting out a fire with gasoline. Seeing her do this should spark a fire in your own crotch.

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Annellise’s First Time

Annellise's First Time

Annellise Croft is a lighthearted, smiling, 49-year-old beginner who was born in Britain and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. That babe says she is modest.

“I’m just a little bit timid until I’ve to know somebody,” king-size titted, blond Annellise says.

In these photos, that babe receives to know 25-year-old Rocky very well. This babe gets to know his weenie. He gets to know her vagina. This babe acquires to know what it feels like to have a porn stud’s cum all over her face. That is because it is her 1st scene!

We asked her about her bouncy bosoms.

“Nice, aren’t they?” that babe told.

They’re 36DDDs. And they’re topped by long, thick, always-hard nipples. We have seen lots of areolas, and Annellise’s are among the almost any nice we have ever seen, rivalling 50PlusMILF Jenna Covelli’s.

And get this: There are times when Annellise goes out wearing a sheer, white top with no brassiere. The thought of that just boggles the mind.

“I adore long, ardent kissing,” told Annellise, who’s divorced. “I like my nipples being kissed and sucked. I like them played with, like I’m doing right now and I am liking that.”

Modest. We’re not buying that.

By the way, Annellise is a Mama of one and a grandmother of 3. There is lots more of her to come. But for now, relish her on-camera launch.

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Big-Boobed Cum Paramour

Big-Boobed Cum Lover

Olarita’s back from a hiatus from porn and eager to get back into the swing of dick in a brand-new scene, “Big-Boobed Cum Paramour.” Olarita has lost none of her man-pleasuring skills.

If u have an awesome memory for big-boobed European porn gals, u may remember Olarita from 2007, a brunette hair who rogered for Voluptuous in the sensitively-titled SCOREVideo, “Massage Parlor Whore” and Jilled-off with a dildo in two other movie scenes.

The dark brown Czech’s a woman-next-door type with a large a-hole and bigger than standard mellons and no visible tats or piercings adore so many newer cuties today. The kind you’d watch at the market or working at an usual job, not at any time suspecting that babe screws strangers in porn clips. The solely difference betwixt then and now is that Olarita has gained some weight and she’s bald off the grand cum-hole she sported back then.

Olarita’s coupled off with Bruce in her comeback. That babe swallows and licks his shaft and balls, takes a dicking between her big natural milk cans and widens her bald twat for his tongue. (European porn guys always go down on their screw fellas with few exceptions.)

After finger-banging Olarita and rogering her face and bigger than typical, floppy wobblers afresh, Bruce plants Olarita face down gazoo up and drives her home in doggie and reverse cowgirl. That babe widens her mouth anew for his rock hard cock and sucks it some more. They resume banging, this time in missionary, one leg on his shoulder for deeper penetration. This man busts a nut on her bigger than typical jugs and sticks his cum-dripping meat-thermometer back in her face hole cuz Olarita hasn’t had any lunch since they got together for this date and he is a considerate Lothario.

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From flight attendant to 60PlusMILFs

From flight attendant to 60PlusMILFs

“I’ve had sex on the top floor of the 747 in the lounge,” said Scarlet Andrews, a 65-year-old wife who was a flight attendant back in the day when flight attendants were called stewardesses, were always hot and often rogered passengers and the pilots.

“The gentleman came on, very worthy looking, and was flirting with me and wanted to know if I’d take him upstairs to the lounge,” Scarlet said us in her ravishing, sexy, Alabama accent. “I told, ‘Of course, sir.’ So I took him up there. We were touching and feeling and had our hands in every other’s captivating raiment. There was the unzipping of pants, and that chap lifted up my skirt, pulled down my tights and banged me right there in the back of the lounge.”

Scarlet says she has lots of stories about screwing her passengers…probably even more than her boy-friend flight attendants might have.

“Becoming a flight attendant released me into this whopping, wide world. Everything was open to me for the first time. And remember, this was the time that flight attendants wore suits, skirts, tights, makeup, and you got weighed in. Back when u had to be sexy to be a flight attendant.”

Those days, this babe is a swinger and rogering on-camera at for the third time. When this scene widens, Scarlet is wearing a below garment and straps with nylons and a garter. That babe exposes 25-year-old Rocky her big arse.

“How about this, baby?” this babe says. Then she takes down her under garment to unveil him her pierced nipples.

“How about that, baby?” this babe says as this chab grabs her love melons and this babe grabs his crotch.

Ok, how about this: Scarlet sucks his meat-thermometer, bonks his pecker and has him cum all over her face. Prepare for take off!

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