It’s A Constricted Fit In Val’s Dark-skinned hole

It's A Tight Fit In Val's Asshole

When Val Kambel, a 53-year-old Mama and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, made her rogering first appearance, we asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here. And Val said, “Oh my god, yep! I’m not into porn.”

Well, as of that scene, porn is into her, and if these people back home were surprised to see her the 1st time, imagine how surprised they’re going to be when they see her getting ass-fucked on-camera.

“I do adore anal,” Val said. “It can be very pleasure. When it’s done missionary style and done correctly with some care, I will indeed cum. Do not just hit it!”

Val is a little coy when she’s talking about sex. She calls her cunt her slit. This babe doesn’t say “tits.” That babe says “breasts.” But she’s a nudist and a swinger, and this babe isn’t hesitant about showing us her vagina or getting ass-fucked on-camera.

Here, Val is wearing a short costume. Tony pulls aside her straps to inspect her fur pie then receives her on all fours to identify out and finger her butthole. When the inspection is finished, Val sucks his schlong then rides his penis. Finally, this babe receives on all fours again so Tony can slip his rod into her rectal hole. It’s a constricted fit. It is a worthwhile fit. Did this charmer do it right, Val?

“Did this buck ever!”

The smile and cum on her face says it all.

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The Greater than standard butted MILF

The Big-assed MILF

“My dream is to have 2 youthful, fit dudes give me a fleshly rub-down that ends up as a Dual Penetration session in a hawt bubble bath,” told Kacee Harley, a wife and Mommy from Missouri who has already been ass-fucked at

We asked Kacee if she had ever been with a much-younger ladies man (other than the ones this babe banged for us), and this babe said, “Yes, certainly! I love youthful boys. I’ve one partner who is about Twenty five. My hubby and I met him at a piano bar and were trying to set up a DOUBLE PENETRATION session. I ended up having so much fun with him that we just screwed while my partner videotaped the complete thing. We were exploring many carnal poses and there was so much engulfing, tongueing and fucking. I even let him copulate my face for a gagging blow job, then this dude had both my muff and wazoo. Juvenile chaps have great recovery time.”

Hey, Kacee, you know more worthy than we do.

So what makes a hawt SEXY HOUSEWIFE adore Kacee sex cream in her thongs? A assertive lad, clean-shaven with a precious partiality of clothes and cologne.

“When I meet a boy who has all those things together and he treats me love a real woman, I let him treat me love a floozy in the bedroom. I have two different personalities, one for sex and one for the public.”

Of course, here, at, that babe is having public sex. And that’s when the real Kacee comes out.

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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

This is a SCORE case taken from the real life files of Dr. Daphne Rosen, sexologist and mega-chesty SCORE superstar. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You see, Carlos urges to copulate his wife’s anus. This babe thinks it’s ribald and repulsive and doesn’t wanna let him stick it in her wazoo. Dr. Rosen tries to show her that ace screw can be pleasurable and carnal but the wife refuses to listen and stamps out in a huff. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes the husband by the hand and leads him into her private chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen will fulfill her obligation as a sexual educator and teach a distraught Carlos how to properly shag his wife’s arse. She removes his pants and gives him a oral, using his thigh as a boob-shelf. One of the things that reveals Daphne’s magnificent sex talent is her oral-service ability. She uses plenty of leaking mouth juice and she sucks the shaft all the way down her face hole. She is not a head-sucker, a goddess who merely sucks the 1st inch of dong. She also knows the precious value of slobbering her drool on a rigid ding-dong. More gals of every size and shape get to study Daphne’s cocksucking skills and copy her. When it’s time for a-hole entry, Daphne has Carlos copulate her ass during the time that that babe lays on her back. Tutored sexologists such as Daphne call this the mission-assy position. It also allows a great check out of the girl’s cunt. To add more sweetener to the fudgepacking, Daphne reveals Carlos how she massages and stimulates her bald, lubed cum-hole whilst he pumps his tool in and without her tush-tunnel. Will Carlos be accustomed to use his newly acquired ass-drilling skills to seduce his wife into ass-fucking and save his marriage? Who the copulate cares? Everybody just wants to watch Daphne take it up the ass, ’cause SCORE Studs love her and at no time tire of the sight. Stay tuned for more adventures of Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, SCORE Sexologist.

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Executive Enchanting

Executive Sweet

Tori Karsin is looking love a corporate executive who’s a little too frisky in that open blouse exposing bigger than typical deep cleavage mangos and the top of her undergarment. The kind of big-boobed boss you’d wanna be sexually harassed by in her office.

Tori says that babe is a obscene girl. How filthy? “Dirty indecent.” Tori masturbates constantly and she likes “things in my a-hole.” That is what she’s up to in this SCORELAND movie, her second since her initial debut scene “Bikini Strip” plus her trip to Miami in a Bonus scene.

What’s that thing she is pulled out of her belt? It’s a stumpy gazoo plug that this babe is gonna stick in her booty. Then she’s going to rub out a greater than typical one, one hand getting busy on her pussy and clitoris and the other working that tush toy. Tori does it standing, then she receives on the floor. 1st, on her back, then on her knees, giving us an eyeful of how that babe acquires that O-face.

No wonder it’s so sexy in Texas.

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Brandi Anderson, Fuck Toy

Brandi Anderson, Shag Toy

Brandi Anderson, a skinny, monster titted copulate toy from Canada, makes her launch by engulfing and screwing Tony D.’s big dick.

Okay, maybe “skinny, monster boobed copulate toy” isn’t descriptive enough. We’ll give u more.

Brandi is thin but curvacious. She’s 41 years old, has D-cup juggs and measures 36-26-36. Very precious. She has platinum blond hair. She’s 5’4″ and weighs 100 pounds, slight enough for you to pick up and shag. Maybe have her wrap her legs around your back whilst her tight cunt swivels on your cock.

“Sounds great!” Brandi said.

Here, Brandi is wearing a sexy, red corset with stockings and a garter belt. She sucks Tony’s ramrod and sits on his face. Then she receives her taut, hairless love tunnel stuffed with his bigger in size than typical shlong. When Tony can’t hold back any longer, that gent cums on Brandi’s glamorous face.

Brandi now lives in North Florida. That babe is divorced. That babe volunteers at an animal rescue shelter. That babe says the people who know her would not be surprised to watch her here ‘coz “the people who know me think I’m outgoing.”

Yep, but there’s a difference between being outgoing and fucking on-camera.

Then afresh, maybe there isn’t.

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Big-titted redheaded granny eats cum

Big-titted redheaded granny eats cum

Gabriella LaMay, a 60-year-old Mama and grandmother from Kansas, joins us here at, and she’s not wearing much when this scene widens, just a fishnet nightgown that barely covers her DD-cup fullsome funbags and womanly curves. She’s obviously very wanton. That babe runs her hands all over her bigger than standard mambos. This babe desires strapon.

“Come shag me,” this babe says to Tony, who’s 26 years her junior.

Tony’s perfectly willing to do that, but first, Gabriella is intend to engulf schlong during the time that fingering her snatch, then she’s intend to suggest up her DD-cups for a tit shag. All the time, that babe can not stop talking about how bigger in size than typical Tony’s schlong is.

For a first-timer, Gabriella is super lewd in front of the digital camera. That’s probably ‘coz it comes naturally to her. After all, this is a lady who had a five-man gang gangbang at a married couples strip club. She one time gave a much-younger friend head in a parking lot. That was his graduation present. That babe loves to be observed whilst having sex.

Here, Gabriella screws every which way, and when Tony can’t hold back any longer, he squirts his spunk into her wide-open mouth. And since Tony got some cum on his fingers, Gabriella helpfully licks it off.

So, to recap, she is a 60-year-old redheaded grandma who can’t live out of to suck and screw strangers and eat cum.

Gabriella, please come back!

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Top Heavy Chef

Top Enormous Chef

We hope the cooking channels don’t start to copy SCORE and hire Sheridan Love and other big-boobed models after seeing this. Each SCORE boy would love to wake up, stumble into the kitchen and detect this big boobed beauty in a pink bathing costume making breakfast. When this babe appears at conventions and expos, her table is always jammed with fans wanting selfies with Sheridan.

Sheridan acquires recognized a lot. “My love muffins make me stick out a little bit. Or they stick out a little bit, at least. My brothers used to always say that my boobies would come around the corner before the rest of me!”

We asked Sheridan Love if that babe watches her SCORE videos at home.

“I do not look at my scenes because I know I would be a harsh critic of myself,” Sheridan replied. “But I do watch the pictures.”

How can we change Sheridan’s mind about that?

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Heather’s Booty Meets Hard Wang

Heather's Booty Meets Stiff Cock

And now, back at to take a bigger than run of the mill meat-thermometer up her taut a-hole on clip for the first time, here’s 45-year-old Heather Barron of Las Vegas.

Heather is a redhead.

She’s a Mamma. This babe is a divorcee.

This babe has big tits.

This babe has a fast-moving tongue that that babe likes to flick on rock hard dicks, adore JMac’s in this scene.

She talks messy.

She squats over a knob and works it rigid with her cookie muscles.

And then that babe tells her skirt chaser to slide his ramrod in her booty.

It is a magical pont of time.

Is Heather our hottest, sluttiest MILF ever?

Heather said us that this babe viewed her 1st two scenes at This babe did not have sex whilst watching them, but she did receive off while watching herself engulfing dong (two jocks in one scene) and getting drilled.

How has fucking at changed her?

“I was always assertive and carnal, but now I’m not demure about hitting on guys who are youthful sufficient to be my son,” Heather said. “In the past, I’d have reckoned that a Twenty something or 30something buck wanted a younger woman. Now that I know that younger males fantasize about having great sex with a classy, shapely woman in her Fourty’s, it’s game on. My experience with 40 something was so positive. It led me to encounter some very professional younger studs that I’ll at not time forget.”

This hard ass-fucking should do wonders for her.

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