Katherine is 47 years older than the man who’s banging her!

Katherine is 47 years older than the lad who's screwing her!

“I think having plenty of sex keeps more than your body juvenile,” said 73-year-old divorcee, Mom, grandmother and courtesan Katherine Merlot. “It keeps u going on the inside, also. Having a sex drive and a healthy sex life preserves your vitality.”

Katherine, our second-oldest GILF ever (Sandra Ann is still No. 1), proves that babe still has plenty of spring in her step and her cum-hole by rogering 26-year-old Rocky.

Think about that: a 73-year-old with a 26-year-old. More than two generations separate them. Rocky is easily juvenile sufficient to be Katherine’s grandson. How many 73-year-olds do you know who would be daring enough to bonk on-camera, no less shag a 26-year-old porn stud on-camera?

Katherine enjoys multiple, intensive orgasms.

“My clitoris is very sensitive,” this saucy redhead told. “I totally love when a ladies man kisses it and licks it passionately. I feel every little thing they do, and it gets me in the mood like no thing else. When I rub it during sex, it sends me over the edge.”

Here, Katherine sends Rocky over the edge, and this chab cums on her face. Now that is a heckuva thing to do to a grandmother!

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Shopping for dick

Shopping for cock

Raquel Sultra, a 41-year-old divorcee, is shopping in a shoe store. She’s been awaiting impatiently for a long-time, but nobody’s helping her. What kind of store is this? Who wouldn’t wanna aid a hard-bodied blond with large bouncy bosoms and long legs?

Finally, Peter comes out. This smooth operator works in the store. That babe asks him to bring out the most-expensive shoes in the store. This chab helps her try on her shoes.

“You have admirable feet,” this chab says.

This babe has a valuable cookie, also, as Peter takes notice coz Raquel isn’t wearing knickers. This babe starts caressing his crotch with her shoes. That smooth operator tries to deny that he’s been looking up her skirt, but his stiffy is giving him away. In advance of long, Raquel is engulfing his wang and rogering him right there in the store. Have to not have been a busy day at the mall.

Raquel is from Texas. This babe is a fitness competitor. She is been a bathing suit adult model.

“Working out is a giant part of my life, especially after having kids,” that babe said. “I started out training and just working out and wanting to be in valuable health. In my Twenty’s, I was in truly wonderful shape and was stripped modeling, so I had to stay in shape, then betwixt each kid, I truly had to workout to get my body back. And then I started doing fitness competitions, and now with porn, there’s so much competition out there and so many young girls and impressive chicks, I must keep in shape. Plus I savour it. It gives me a lot more energy. It has increased how strong my orgasms are, how many I can have.”

In this scene, that babe has plenty. Peter has one. In her throat.

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Swarthy & Ivory XXX

Ebony & Ivory XXX

Autumn-Jade and Sierra. Two special angels with home-grown large mounds. They met at the SCORE studio for a hawt and breast-packed girl-girl scene

Sierra was not known for girl-on-girl sex–she was known for draining porn studs–but she proved that babe had a definite yen for pink snatch.

The one and the other beauties have very similar breasts–Autumn’s were bigger in size by a cup–so to watch ’em squishing and squeezing their world-class jugs together is instant boner time for any buck (or lady) who gets off watching the fondling, groping and sucking of female flesh. Autumn is posing for Sierra’s digital camera and that receives ’em thinking about sex. With every other.

They pour baby oil over their large tits in advance of a rub-down and boob rogering. They joy every other’s love tunnels and assholes, applying liberal amounts of Wett lube to their holes. They rub their thick nips against their clits. Autumn fucks Sierra’s arse with plastic anal beads, pulling on the end with her teeth. Sierra sucks Autumn’s clit during the time that Autumn sticks a finger up her own butt. They share a big toy, one end in every girl’s snatch. Just 2 good honeys having cutie joy, their titanic melons swinging adore nutty.

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Danielle and the neighbor

Danielle and the neighbor

The story here is very basic.

Danielle Brooks is upset. Her partner isn’t giving her what that babe craves. We’re not talking about specie. We’re talking about penis.

So she invites Tony over to her house. He’s been her neighbor for 15 years. This babe complains about her smooth operator.

Tony can not believe that this douchebag isn’t paying attention to this sexy piece of booty.

Danielle tells him that that babe suggested a 3some to her hubby with Tony as the other charmer.

Tony gives a decision to not wait for the 3some and has a twosome with Danielle right then and there, in her kitchen.

And that’s the story of 48-year-old Danielle’s 1st copulate clip at 40SomethingMag.com.

Danielle is from Florida. She’s a Mama. She’s an actress and a singer. We hope Tony didn’t ruin her voice by rogering her mouth. That babe isn’t a nudist or a swinger. She is just a regular, hawt mastix who u might see at the store, but she has needs.

“I like the idea of so many boys watching me having sex and masturbating to my pictures and episodes,” Danielle told.

Satisfy her need, gentlemen.

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That babe is Got to Spank It, Spank It Priceless

She's Gotta Spank It, Spank It Good

Sandra Milka likes screwing in public. Is it the fact that she might be watched by random strangers? Is it the danger and the chance of getting busted? Who knows?

She says she’s fulfilled all her erotic fantasies. There’s always sex in outer space when commercial flights become a reality in the future, Sandra.

Raised in ultra-conservative Spain, Sandra’s breasts began to sprout when she hit 16. “I usually wear a undergarment,” says Sandra. “I can buy them in average shops. I don’t receive to have everything special done to ’em. Boys ask me if they can go with me when I buy sexy outfit and underclothes.” No surprise about that.

“I could not assist but notice your eye contact with the camera is exceptional. Keep up the priceless work,” comments a SCORELAND member. Like Marta La Croft, one more import from Spain, Sandra has “Spanish Eyes.” They too both love to eye-bang the camera. That’s not quite the same as looking into the lens.

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Cum for Katherine

Cum for Katherine

Rocky, who’s 26, is doing some figure out back. Katherine, who’s 73, calls to him from the window.

“Rocky, come here,” she says. “I have smth else I urge you to do for me upstairs.”

Change a lightbulb? No. Nail something into the wall? No, but close. Fix Katherine’s plumbing? You’re getting closer.

Katherine, who’s wearing sexy lingerie, needs aid with her nylons. Rocky is happy to lend a hand. And then his tool. Before long, she’s working on his meat-thermometer and he’s working on her aged divorcee slit and cumming all over her face.

All in a day’s work, right?

Katherine is a glamourous, well-aged redhead who’ll make u feel warm and fuzzy inside. If it is class and elegance you want, she’s your cutie.

“I think you can be captivating and erotic, if that makes any sense. I try to be elegant in the way I dress and carry myself, but when I’ve sex with a chap, the dirtiest things will come with out my mouth. Having a sex drive and a healthy sex life preserves your vitality. It keeps that spring in your step. It is just as healthy as eating plenty of veggies.”

But not asparagus. Do not eat asparagus if you are planning on cumming on a GILF’s face or in her mouth. Very bad idea.

This public service announcement was brought to u by 60PlusMILFs.com.

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Patsy and the gapingest bawdy cleft ever

Patsy and the gapingest snatch ever

Now here’s a particular treat. Patsy, a 66-year-old housewife, Mommy and grandmother, makes her 40SomethingMag.com initial appearance after taking 60PlusMILFs.com by storm with her gaping twat. It might be the gapingest snatch we have ever seen, even more of a dark-skinned aperture than Connie McCoy’s, and that is saying something.

Patsy was born in UK and lives in the United States. She is pretty. This babe has a taut, thin, fuckable body. Those of u seeing Patsy’s twat for the 1st time now know why we were pleased to bring its owner into our studio even though that babe would not do hardcore. There was no way we were gonna pass up the opportunity to expose you her big, wide, gaping, pink and dark gap.

“I didn’t realize my slit was so specific,” she told.

Well, it is.

“I’m much better now than when I was in my Fourty’s,” that babe told. “There’s no comparison. I adore myself more awesome now. I see the fotos of me that me and my hubby have taken over the years and I am absolutely different. I think I am a lot sexier.”

And it goes with out saying that Patsy’s gaping bawdy cleft has gotten more outstanding, too. The more it acquires banged, the more it gapes. Are u buck enough to handle it?

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Jewels Jade Jewels Jade
Jewels Jade @ WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com
Jewels Jade hasn’t been married lengthy, and she’s already giving the eye to her new step-son’s pals. I guess u could say it is pretty average behavior for Jewels. Way back in 2002, Bruce Vain and Julian St. Jox brought her to the secret Dogfart mansion. Since then, Jewels has been addicted to bigger than run of the mill dark-skinned shlong. Fast forward 13 years and Jewels is the epitome of "MILF". When she’s around those younger studs, Jewels takes delight in what this babe can receive away with. Whether it’s a "nipple slip" in a sheer shirt or "accidentally" walking with out the bathroom with no thing on, Jewels gets off on seducing younger fellows. And if it is a dark-skinned woman chaser, well…game on! In fact, she is been flirting with her step-son’s "black" friend Isiah for months, and now that the house is empty (boyfriend on a business voyage, son’s on a road tour), it appears to be the time is right for Isiah and Jewels to take the "friendship" to the next level. Merely one problem: step-son’s road journey went sour, fast, and he’s back, unexpectedly…and walks in on his buddy getting sucked off. Jewels knows how to handle the situation, though, even if it’s in one of the majority unconventionally taboo ways ever imagined.
Jewels Jade Jewels Jade
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